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Modern men and women desirous of increased commerce have been swindled. Those seduced by digital gewgaws and the fashions of modernity demand a challenge. The principles of sound business practice have too long been subsumed by four-eyed charlatans spouting nonsense about intangibles. Herewith do I present to my fellows in mercantilism an unholy trinity to […]

A Video Series Highlighting Tips For A Better Web Service

When we find something that makes our web life better, we cheer. Then, we share it with you. In this episode of our new web video series “Make Your Web Better” we’re talking social media. In this case, one of my favorite apps for planning posts to social media – Buffer. If you prefer to […]

Video Scripts are instructions

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a good writer. And with these 3 tips for writing a great video script, you’ll be able to translate those ace writing chops into scripting skills that will help your audience, your production partners, and your bottom line. 1. Good video scripts meet the audience where they are. Meeting […]


When you’re out looking for a web developer, many articles will tell you to look at things like a portfolio, coding techniques, years of experience, cost (obviously), but there’s one thing that most of these articles simply don’t stress enough: COMMUNICATION. Your website represents your brand to the world. It’s your baby, and you want […]


Have you ever had to hire an outside vendor to execute an important project?  It can be frustrating searching through a crowded, often underwhelming marketplace to find someone of value. And if it’s a subject matter with which you’re not familiar?  You’re still on the line when it comes to budget and performance, so the whole […]

Change Your Domain Name, Change Your Life

“It’s happening – the biggest change to the Internet since its inception” -Akram Atallah – president, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – Generic Domains Division So What Is ‘It’ That’s Happening? The end of the ‘.com’ era.  Well, it’s less an end than an evolution, but still, ‘it’ is a pretty big deal. […]

What Signs Does Your Design Send?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the digital space, where the competition is only a click away, this old chestnut is especially true. But your web site sends signals to your audience beyond that first impression. We’ve discussed in a previous post the importance of decorum, that is, looking […]

Your website should represent your value proposition visually

You have created a well-developed business plan.  You have turned that fundamental data into an intellectual appeal to your customers.  You have created a marketing strategy that clearly states the benefits and value of your product or service.  You are finally ready to turn on the machine and when you do…nothing.  The translation of value […]


Design, while fundamentally essential, is an often underestimated and under-appreciated element of communication. Many companies do not pay enough attention to how design affects their perceived image, brand, or if you will, “emotional storefront” to their clients, customers, or even business associates and partners. Have you visited a website for a potential client or partner […]


Design is the ultimate form of communication. It is ubiquitous and effective. Take a look at your own design. What does it say about you? What does it say about your customers? You want your design to radiate a feeling that reflects your values as a business or department, but how do you do that? […]

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