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Be Yourself: Market Your Small Business Personally


Who Are You?

Imagine your business is a person – in some cases, maybe you are your business, so this is easy. In other cases, it requires you to put on your thinking cap.

Once you’re comfortably envisioning your enterprise as another living entity, let’s extend this metaphor and wrap it around our topic.

Join The Party.

You don’t have much of a business if no one has heard of you.
Marketing is the process of introducing yourself to your customers.
Content marketing isn’t advertising on the web.
Blogging isn’t copying and pasting product descriptions from your catalog.

Behave like someone you yourself would like to meet at a cocktail party.

Ask questions.

Contribute your knowledge and insights without hassling people to buy your product.

Respond to inquiries in a timely fashion.

Loosen up.

Support others before you ask them to support you.

With these tips fresh in your mind, take a look at your facebook posts, blog entries and twitter posts.  Do you sound like a salesperson or a friend?

Stand out, don’t stick out.



Written by: Andrew Rostad
We call him the the Audio/Visual Alchemist - alchemy being the art of transforming basic elements into a more valuable form. A 7-year veteran of Production and Post-Production at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Andy wields a feverishly creative right brain and a sharply critical left lobe to dissect ideas and transmit understanding. He's great at telling stories, but never lies, and serves businesses of every size.
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