4 Advantages to Making Product Videos

Over 84% of internet users are watching online video. This trend indicates that people’s preference for video can be a major contributor to increased sales, competitive advantages, greater visibility, and a consumer’s bond with your brand. People research products they’re looking to buy online (read in-depth on this subject here in Google’s “Zero Moment of Truth“) and each year, more and more people are making their purchases on the web, too (U.S. retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $262.3 billion in 2013. Nearly a quarter of that spending will happen in the last two months of the year.) These trends indicate that not only should you have more information about your offerings, but you should have product videos as well. Here are four advantages to having product videos on your website for this holiday season and beyond.

1) Competitive Advantage

You need to assume that your competition is already using video (or at least still images) to bring the customer closer to the in-person buying experience. When your customers are looking for information about what they want to purchase, they will come to your site over your competitors’ if you have more in-depth information or tools about that product for their research. Even customers who are looking for the cheapest price are researching first, and you need to establish yourself as a reliable source of information. Doing that will bring more people to your site, thus creating an opportunity for the sale. So what is your return on investment? Value for the customer, and a positive increase in perception of your brand; win-win.

2) Branding Advantage

In today’s online landscape, there are now blogs and reviewers for every major product and service category, and many of them are posting online video reviews of newly released products (as well as product un-boxing videos, group discussions, etc.) and 90% of consumers say online reviews impact buying decisions. Do you want reviewers defining your product for you, or would you rather have your own online video highlighting what you prefer to show about your product? Don’t let others define your brand. Your product videos should be taken to the next level by adding some brand personality. And you also have the ability to use video to respond to questions and comments quickly and effectively and if you can be even a little creative it’ll be an excellent and engaging customer service experience for your audience!

3) Traffic Advantage

Search engines like video, which gives you an SEO advantage. As mentioned above, your customers are looking for information on your product, and if you have videos on your site, Google, et al.  will take notice. We’ve established that your customers are looking for information on your product and the search engines aim to connect them to the best source of information. Using a strategy that incorporates simple video should be part of any penetration or growth strategy whether you sell online or not. Start slow, make a video that answers a question you hear a lot. Make it simple and clear, and then work your way up to online branding nirvana. One company that has seen tremendous benefit with this strategy is Blendtec. They started the “Will It Blend?” campaign, which entertained millions by simply blending everything under the sun. Nothing was off limits, including anything from smart phones to lawn ornaments, and posting the videos online to exhibit their product, entertain and grow their audience, directed more traffic to their site.

4) Sales Advantage

Having online product videos also provides a sales advantage. It is easier to sell people on the benefits, features, and uses of your product with video. Video can show more elements and variables about your product than still images. You can demonstrate its benefits, answer questions about scale, colors, size, usage, or any important aspects you want your customers to notice about your product. This leads to trust-building for your brand. Video equals better engagement, and better engagement typically leads to faster easier sales. Do you have any videos for your products online now? Would you like to create some? We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about it, so please contact us to learn more.