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When we find something that makes our web life better, we cheer. Then, we share it with you. In this episode of our new web video series “Make Your Web Better” we’re talking social media. In this case, one of my favorite apps for planning posts to social media – Buffer.

If you prefer to read, as I often do, I’ve included a transcript below>>Andy: Hi. I’m Andy Rostad coming to you from inside the Magic Box. Here to make your web better. Today’s topic: Social Media. We’ve all made Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn accounts and after an initial flurry of activity, have probably fallen off posting as often as we should. But you still read, right? With your morning coffee, during your commute. That’s the perfect time to practice curation. Curation, put simply, is just finding things that you like on the web, saying a few words about them, and throwing ’em up on your channels. And for my money, mostly because the basic plan is free, the best tool for curation is Buffer. I love Buffer, because I usually binge on interesting content all at once (because I drink a lot of coffee) but I don’t want to flood my feeds with a sudden deluge of posts they’ll fight each other for attention. Buffer takes your data dump and spreads it out on a schedule that you set. Time of day, day of week, whatever your calendar calls for. LinkedIn Monday? Twitter on Tuesday? It’s your call. Add things right from your browser, your feed-reader app or even when you’re posting to your own blogs. Desktop, tablet, phone, Buffer don’t care. It even tracks analytics on the clips you buffer, so the nerds will love you – and you can team up to top up your buffer with co-workers. That’s a taste of what Buffer can do – let me know how you use it, or if you’ve found something better. For Media Beyond, I’m Andy Rostad.