If John Carlson did not have to work, what would JOHN do to fill his time on this mortal coil? John would spend half his time with his family, friends, and loved ones, and the other half (mercifully for his family, friends, and loved ones) nerding out nose-deep in some leather bound stacks of some dusty old university. Life’s little roulette ball landed on “John,” because that is what he already does as the research & development director at Media Beyond.

Since John was a child, he has had an oceanic thirst for information. As John goes about to spelunk the depths of market research there is at least one moment per day where John stops what he’s doing and thinks: “Holy $h^#, is that true?” Looking for those truths and connections in a wicked carousel of revolving markets is highly satisfying. John does not know if he will ever innovate something truly remarkable, but he knows it will not happen at a large company where the infrastructure is “go along to get along.” This is why John adores the challenge of working within the budgetary limitation of a more agile company.

Lastly, John just loves solving problems. For new and existing clients, getting to take a personal stake in the formation of a strategy and helping meet their goals brings him a level of satisfaction akin to the results of a Faustian pact.