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Video Strategy and IMPACT

Because everyone deserves better brands.

Imagine using video

Leads would slide down your sales funnel faster.
They’d get drawn in through short, punchy clips that drive them to your site.

Then they’d learn why your offering is better in explainer videos or comparisons to the competition.

Your existing relationships with customers would move out of the friend zone and into the champion realm – since your shareable support videos make service a breeze.

You’d see where making a change to your funnel might improve conversions with second-by-second viewer breakdowns.

You’d see a positive impact on the goals that matter to you  (and your brand.

And if you ARE already using video – and you aren’t getting all of this, we should talk.

You feel like you’re getting the best possible product, and then the delivery of the service is even better, and they’re a
delight to work with.
Virginia "Ginny" Clarke

Director, Leadership Staffing , Google

Nothing was compromised. They did a really fantastic job of communicating with me along the way, setting the right kind of expectations, making sure that we stayed within the budgets that my organization has set.
Tracey Jackson

Global Marketing Director, The Smart Cube

Do YOU Watch Videos?

Have you ever  watched a ‘how-to’ video?
Do you have a favorite local news anchor? (Ours is Chicago meteorologist Tom Skilling)

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then you know how amazing video is at teaching – and creating connections. (And if you answered ‘no’ to both of these questions, you should make how-to videos about all the stuff you know!)

If you’re strategic about it (don’t worry, we help with that too) – video will do both teach and create connections with your customers.

And that makes for stronger numbers. A better brand. And more bandwidth to do what you do.


Making Video (Less) Work For You

We think we’ve packed our offerings full of value – but we understand how hard it is to spend limited budgets.
That’s why we’ve committed to making a positive impact on your goals. And to taking work OFF of your plate.
Transparent, simple, and strategic.

Make an impact 

Our ‘bundles’ come off the shelf or you can build your own. But expect strategy, creativity and results every time.


Awareness Bundle

Video is great at creating awareness – from the very instinctive appeal of motion that draws the eye – to the ability of video to make us laugh or cry in 30-seconds, let people know you exist with video.

Evaluation Bundle

Why not help people evaluate your product or service by showing them exactly what to expect? From unboxing videos to ‘explainers’ to  side-by-side comparisons, consumers love knowing what they’re going to get.


Engagement Bundle

Make a customer into a champion with videos on how to get-started, get better, or solve common issues.

Google’s compelling case here

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