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Video Strategy and Impact

Between the boutique agencies and the gig-sters we see a need for something else.
You need to win business, not awards.
And you want more than ‘just a video’, you need impact –
something that gets you closer to your goals.
Our offerings are just right.

Marketing Bundle

Like a movie, you need a main attraction, plus eye-catching trailers and some teasers to bring people in.

That’s the idea behind the marketing bundle – big and small videos working together to generate awareness.

Main Attraction


Teaser Example


Sales Bundle

Helping sales requires a more educational approach.

You’ve already got their attention and started the conversation,

Here we use short-ish videos to demonstrate, differentiate, and convince.

These can be part of an in-person presentation, sent-ahead, or left-behind.

HP Luzon Sales Example


Honeywell SPM Flex Sales Example


Customer Service Bundle

We’ll create a handful of of short videos to enhance and support your customers’ experience.

Loyalty comes naturally when videos make using your product or service easier or more valuable

BW Clip Customer Service Video


Intellidox Support Video Example


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The Theory

Keep reading to learn why we do what we do, and how it will generate – that’s right – impact!


Before we get rolling on any video, we know we have to roll up our sleeves. We make a plan side by side – to build awareness with our Marketing Bundle, close faster with our Sales Bundle, or give a better product experience with our Customer Service Bundle (custom pathways are possible too). Then we plan the support for your videos and how to build your audience with included extras like ‘Keyword Cluster’ reports, Buyer’s journey ‘Moment Maps,’ and Video SEO.


When it’s time to hit record, the groundwork will already be done. We built our process to keep things simple and effective – so you’ll get  a bundle of videos, – all aimed right at meeting your goals – all from up to two days of filming.

Impact: Publish & Measure

We’re down for a red-carpet premiere if that’s your thing – but we measure our success by yours. So we stick with you after delivery to publish, test, measure, and track the metrics that mean success to you. That way we know when it’s time to party.

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